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  Kalimantan  Borneo Tour

Kalimantan or Borneo Indonesia is  covered by one of the world's largest stretches of tropical rain forest through which flows tremendous mighty rivers which are the island's highway.  The island is rich with many fascinating and endemic wildlife; the orangutans, proboscis monkeys, gibbons and species of monkeys, Argus pheasants, snakes including the three species of flying snakes, sun bears, 600 hundred species of birds including the hornbills which play an important role in the Dayak mythology.  The exotic plants includes the rare black orchids, carnivorous pitcher plants, 70 meter trees including the hardest wood in the rain forest "Iron Wood" and many more. 

Our experienced guide will make you understand about everything you want to know about the Kalimantan rain forest and all creatures live in it.


Visit Orangutan Clinic Center in Pangkalan Bun to support their project to rehabilitate Orangutan and
reintroduce them back to their natural habitat. This Orangutan Clinic Care & Quarantine or " training centre ",  is managed by ORANGUTAN FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL, located in Los Angeles, USA. During your visit, you will be brief about OFI  Orangutan project in Borneo.

It is the centre for the Orangutan care before being released to the wilderness. Most of the orangutan here are orphan one. They used to be kept as pet or confiscated from the illegal trader. Therefore the inspection and care are needed to make sure that they have no communicable disease or alike that they have from their old owner. In the forest area 40 meters2, you will see about 200 orangutans try to survive in the wilderness forest. This tour is recommended for them who really want to know about conservation of Orangutans