Klotok 'Orangutan' Tour

Our klotok Orangutan tour PRIVATE departures are designed for you who prefer the flexibility of trip to Orangutan Borneo independently. You will not share the klotok boat with other travelers. There will be only you with your family or friend and our team ( guide, boat crew).

This river boat size 2,25 m  x 15 m, accommodates for 5 - 6 peoples and the big one size  3,5 x 19 meter for 8 – 10 person ( many past tourists  call it "African Queen" river boat style) with a roof which forms the upper deck where you can view the rain forest as it glides by. It will takes around 2 hours sailing to Tanjung Puting National Park. The klotok boat facilitated with clean mattresses, pillows, mosquito net and a simple toilet are available on board.

Normally we use smaller 'klotok' boat if you are just one or two persons travelling to Orangutan Kalimantan tour.

But if you prefer a bigger one ( with different price) , we will provide as long as the boat is available. You can stay on the klotok boat for whole period of your orangutan tour, or overnight in Rimba Lodge (with an additional cost). The klotok boat has no cabin but you sleep separated with the guides and crews. 

The accommodation on the boat provides you a better opportunity of sighting the crocodile, birds, monkeys and other animals at dusk or down at their night time resting place in the trees at the riverside. In the morning you will be waked up by the morning dew and ""the concert of tropical rain forest creatures".